House Issue 47 - May 2019

Welcome issue 47 of House and whilst hiring into investment banks has remained a little quiet during Q2 after a busy Q1, we are starting to see some real demand from other sectors such as rating agencies, law firms and the corporate sector. Leanne Geale joining Nestlé continues the trend of large MNCs looking to bolster their compliance risk management programmes, Leanne was previously Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer at Royal Dutch Shell. The Consulting world in Asia continues to see lots of movement with Nick Robinson returning to Hong Kong from the Middle East to be a Partner with EY, Joseph Quiazon joining Exiger as a Managing Director and Xenia Chan joining EY from Goldman Sachs.

House Issue 46 - March 2019

Welcome issue 46 of House! and the hiring continues across Asia Pacific. We are seeing a particular warming of activity at the mid management/VP level as bonuses are paid at several European Houses last week. Big global moves this month include current global CCO Lara Warner becoming the Chief Risk Officer for Credit Suisse globally and she is replaced by Lydie Hudson, who interestingly moves internally from the business where she was COO for Global Markets. Alain Bruneau has been announced as Natixis’s Head of Compliance in Paris, he too is moving from a senior business role.

House Issue 45 - February 2019 issue 45 of House! and Kung Hei Fat Choy to our readers in Hong Kong, Gong Xi Fa Chai to our readers in China and a very happy lunar new year to everyone else. The year of the pig has started well with some big moves been trotted out across the globe. Benjamin Bair has been announced as the new Global Head of Compliance at Cantor Fitzgerald and in the corporate sector Walmart have promoted Daniel Trujillo to be the new Global Head of Compliance, replacing Jay Jorgensen.

House Issue 44 - January 2019

…to the first edition of House in 2019, I have been writing these monthly updates for nearly 5 years now and I wanted to wish a very happy new year to everyone who meets us, works with us and lets us know the crucial moves and insights. Geopolitically we have a fascinating year ahead with lots of uncertainty and volatility; but that’s what makes life interesting, lets all embrace the year, stay positive and have some fun. Good luck!

House Issue 43 - November 2018

…to the 43rd edition of House and a very merry Christmas to all our readers. 2018 was a fascinating year with an unprecedented amount of geo-political issues affecting the recruitment of regulatory professionals in Asia. We will look into more themes in our New Year Special edition but November saw no real let up in hiring and we still have open positions within banks, asset managers, hedge funds, corporates and consulting firms going into December…